It is started as an Asteroids remake I made in GDevelop but down on the line I added some of my own ideas. You have a single chance to destroy as many asteroids as you can as fast as you can. You can select how many asteroids you want to face. When an asteroid destroyed it may or may not drop some minerals that you can collect and use to upgrade the hull, shield, laser, core and engine of your ship. Of course to keep the minerals you need to win the game, so you just can not jump in, collect some and quit. It is very basic I didn't give too much thought to the upgrade system, just wanted to have something in place and now that I have it I can take it further and maybe add more complex upgrade system and maybe even a crafting system in the future.

In case you have been playing with the previous version you may want to do a hard refresh or even better if you clear your browser cache to avoid bugs caused by old info saved in the browser.

The sounds are in .ogg format so it might not going to work in Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer.



  • added improved sound effects
  • added shield and hull integrity that is reduced on collision with asteroids
  • added minerals to collect and use it to upgrade the hull, laser, shield, core and engine of the ship



  • core gameplay (asteroids remake)
Published Dec 31, 2016
Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, Aliens, Arcade, Experimental, Top down shooter